Our Goal


Sanga Tamil Palli’s mission is to teach Tamil language in Aotearoa New Zealand, enabling Tamil scholarship. The Palli’s mission is to teach students to easily read, write, listen, think and speak in Tamil, one of the ancient and continuously used classical languages of the world.

Our Aim


Sanga Tamil Palli’s vision is to build a community of Tamil language teachers, students and scholars in Aotearoa New Zealand from its capital city Wellington, providing a platform to explore and express the rich language, literature, heritage and culture of Tamils.

Our Teacher

Mr.Sundaresan Thandavan, is an IT Professional from Dindigul, Tamil Nadu, India. Teaching Tamil is his passion.

He is the chief volunteer / teacher of the Palli (school).
He is inspired by the greatness and richness of Tamil literature and its ancient history.

He is a proud Tamil calling Tamil his mother tongue. He studied in Tamil medium school and it is his passion to teach the Tamil language to the next generation in an engaging and simplest way. He is excited to be part of the Palli.


Our Executive Board

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